With any product or service, I first start with a concept: What message would you like to have come  across towards people? What do you stand for? So there is a certain goal set to aim for. To make a persona into an corporate identity (like above). This way there is a certain image created, an ambience or feeling. 

In the end It’s all about COLOR, DETAIL and COMPOSITION. These trademarks always come back in every product, weather it’s Art, Interior, Graphic Design or a different kind of project. It always boils down to the same recipe. 

I love to make use of mixed media. By using mixed media there always will be a unique product in the end. There is a lot of creativity to go round! Therefor there are countless possibilities at rachelschat.nl

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rachelschat.nl is a business venture. If you have any interest in the following services mentioned above or if you would like an open ended conversation.

Feel free to contact Rachel via e-mail: rachschat@hotmail.com

Rachel has designed a very nice flyer for Off Road Solutions. What I noticed here was that Rachel actively participated with me,  made suggestions and transformed my ideas into a powerful message. A must for everyone!   

– Martijn Koppejan, Off Road Solutions

Rachel Schat is very creative and innovative. She loves exploring new techniques and is not afraid to think outside the box!

– Yvon Vuijk

We enjoyed the collaboration and look forward to do more collaborations with you. The Beer mats look very nice!

– Femke,  ‘Studenten Drukwerk’

It was a great collaboration. Nice to be on the same page so quickly and lovely to see a rough idea changed into a professional design.

– Chantal, Crystal Child

It was very nice to read the article! I want to thank you for a great cooperation and wish you all the best with your blog.

– Linda, ‘Foto Fabriek’

The collaboration with Rachel went very smoothly. After one day of receiving the products, her review was online and feedback was taken in account straight away!

– Sophie – ‘Drukwerk nodig’