So I have been busy in my Creative Studio again! We managed to finish the painting, floor and windows!

Also my husband has created a handy cupboard in that area where we found those wasp nests. You can see how the room has turned out now. It turned out just how I pictured it! The next step will be putting the furniture in and all my creative stuff!



I have been busy with painting some cupboards with my dad, the results turned out just perfect! You will get to see the end results of that next time!

Also I have joined a free online workshop that involves #vtwonenbacktoschool and have been making a plan for my Studio! So I have had two lessons and this coming Thursday will be the last one!

Lesson 1: Make a plan. Lesson 2: Moodboard    Lesson 3: coming up! You can also check out my whole moodboard on Pinterest <click or follow me on instagram @rachelschat.nl and see my daily pictures!


So the next update will be a finished Creative Studio, follow me on Facebook and get the update sooner rather then later! I will keep you posted, Cheers!