You Might not know about this challenge which I am doing for the month of December. But it’s actually created by a YouTuber called Sealemon.

Her name is Jennifer and she makes a lot of great DIY’s about book binding and other amazing creative stuff! She’s a Graphic Designer like me, so I definitely can understand where she is coming from! I actually came across her two years ago when I was looking for A book binding technique I could use for my selfmade Guestbook for my wedding! You can check out everything I made for my own wedding here> My wedding

Now ever since that day I’m following her videos and she just comes up with some great idea’s! Like this December Doodle Challenge! If you have not seen my Facebook page or instagram then you might not have seen any of my drawings or challenges I have already made for myself!

I gave myself challenges along the way and came up with other creative idea’s to do! Which is great! I love to encourage other people to be creative, for that matter I think this challenge is the perfect way to do so!

So the challenges I gave myself were that I had to use all the same colours in every square. Which is indeed quite challenging because I did not have any green amongst those colours! Thank god I chose for the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) So I could make green out of the colours myself! Because I mean, christmas without green? Where would the christmas tree’s go in that color theme? And of course I had to choose bright colours, because me without bright colours is just not me.. anyway

Also I challenged myself to go further then just the little square, to get out of the comfort zone which I happily choose for most of the time. But it gives me a small challenge to say: Hey, just go out of the lines. Don’t be a goody two shoes for once!
I am having lot’s of fun doing this doodle challenge! And I encourage you to do this aswell! Even if it might not be December, just draw something little every day. You’ll see you’ll get idea’s in your head in no time at all! Cheers! Have fun 🙂

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