Why I chose the Dutch Heart Foundation

Honouring my Nana Jo by Raising awareness for the Dutch Heart Foundation! The money that is raised goes to research towards the conditions of woman’s heart failure. There is not much information about this subject and to many ladies ending up in the hospital because of this.

This project is dear to my heart, because it involves my Nana Jo. She past away in 2014 on Ascension Day, one of the causes: heart failure. Further more issues with the heart seem to be a thing in the family. So that’s why I chose to do this for the Dutch heart foundation. The story behind this Calendar is quite special. My Nana Jo always went for walks, to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery. As people do when they go for walks.. Anyway my Nana Jo used to collect leaves and flowers whilst walking. She would come home and make lovely little artworks on little squares of paper (origami paper). When she finished a few, she would take a trip to the copy shop. (Yes that’s a thing in New Zealand) She would say, I want four copies of these and so on.. Now, the magic happens when she get’s home after visiting the copy shop. She made cards from her little artworks. Walks on paper, you could say. Almost every card which I have received from her was a homemade card. Till this day I still have a few of her special cards. The last one I received was two weeks after she past away.


So why a Birthday Calendar you might ask? Well my Nana Jo her motto was celebrate life, so I’m celebrating her life in a different way.

And so her creations still live on. Every month has a different leaf/flower artwork with a quote along side it involving celebrating or getting older.. These quotes remind me a bit of my Nana Jo because I definitely can see her saying it! The last three pages of the Birthday Calendar are wonderful add on’s. But that’s for me to know and you to find out! Cheers  from Rachel

Click on the Calendar to buy one and help the Dutch Heart Foundation!