For a special cause;

This poster is a part of my cause for the dutch heart foundation. I have made all of the illustrations, so it’s very clear on how to make an origami heart!

I chose to make this as an add on for this cause, because it’s something small you can make (in 5 minutes) to show your appreciation towards someone. And what’s more beautiful then that? I’m sure everyone would like some appreciation towards them!

This DIY is one of the extra’s which is in the Birthday Calendar aswell! (read further below)


Buy a Poster via my #etsyshop @akiwicreates and never forget how to make an origami heart. Spread some love!

As this is a cause for the dutch heart foundation I have made two video’s how to make an origami heart and several idea’s what you can use it for.
(These are spoken in dutch! Subtitels are available! )

Made an origami heart?
Be sure to use the hashtag #hartstichting #dutchheartfoundation and #Creativetothecore on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Cheers, Rachel

Click here to go to the video!

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