“Foto fabriek” has approached me yet again to review there products, So of course I could not say no! Two years ago I testes a cork board  and now I’m aloud to test a A4 hard cover photo book.

A perfect reason to have a printed Portfolio made. As Graphic Designer and All Round creative person, I chose to showcase my biggest projects rachelschat.nl and akiwicreates. Think about websites, printed matter, Instagram and more. When it comes down to a portfolio it’s important that the flow of the pages is correct. That the images are in sync with each other. That way you can easily talk about your projects if you have to apply for a job for example. Tell your story though images. 

So I went ahead, edited and saved all of my files as JPEG. After I’d done that I used the online editor from ‘foto fabriek’ and uploaded my images. Did you know you can also link your Facebook or Instagram to the online editor? Klik on the logo from your social media of choice and the photo’s from there will pop up directly to your screen. Handy!

upload photo’s from social media

Of course there are a few things to consider when your making a photo book. The correct format. PNG, JPEG, BMP or PDF. I chose JPEG, these can be uploaded till 30MB. More then enough for a sharp photograph. That’s very important, especially if your using one photo over one whole page. 

different themes

No clue where to start when making a photo book? ‘Foto fabriek’ has a solution. They have different themes you can choose from. When you have chosen to create a new project, you can then choose for a theme. For example a vacation, birthday or baby boom. Of course you can adjust the theme to however you would like. That makes making a photo book easy peasy!

Another handy feature is the digital example. You will receive that via e-mail. Or you can check it out under your account, under uploads. Also handy to check if you like your design or not.

Besides the ton of editing options you can choose from. There are also a lot of finishings you can choose from. I chose a premium mat paper. Also optional is to have your photo book wrapped as a gift. That way you can send it directly to someone as a gift. There are many options available. 

A4 photo book

I’m very happy how my portfolio book turned out! Would you like to make a photo book as well? Or start a different project? ‘Foto Fabriek” has a lot to offer like printed gifts, canvas and more. 

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With many thanks to ‘Foto Fabriek’ This was a lot of fun to make. – Rachel


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