Need Printed matter? Its pretty funny, yet this company is called “Drukwerk nodig” which literally means need Printed Matter! 

They have reached out to me and asked if I wanted to test out their products. Which I could not say no to. I chose to have some cards printed. Since I had the perfect idea for that already. Paua shell designs for my website and Etsy shop. Ideal! 

various sizes

When you look under unfolded cards on the website you can choose a number of various sizes. I choose for A6. That is a pretty standard size for cards and very easy to send or use as decoration in your room. 

Click on the size you wish and you will head over to the online editor. Here you can add your photo’s text and other decorations. You can also make your design first and then upload it to the online editor. That what I have done since I find that easier for myself. Yet you can do it however you would like to. 

Also handy to know is that you can download a template, that way you know that you have the correct size and format to send to the printing office. In this case “Drukwerk nodig”! You can find the templates under each product under specifications. So first I made photo’s of the Paua shell or Abalone that I have lying around my house. 

online editor

Then I edited the photo’s and made a simple design for the back side. I saved the files as JPEG and uploaded them to the online editor. Which is very easy to use with every tool you need.  A kid could do the washing up, as they would say in the Netherlands. 

Would you like to make multiple designs, of course that is possible as well. Just make a new project. You can always save your project and come back to it later. Which is handy for a bigger project such as a poster or roll up banner. 

neat packaging

My order came in pretty quickly and was neatly packaged. I chose for a one sided mat laminated card, which gives your design a extra protective layer to it. I am very happy with the results. And I think it looks gallery worthy. 

A6 cards laminated with a mat finish

Would you like to start a project from “drukwerk nodig” as well?  Maybe a poster for in your room or a roll up banner for a future presentation? 

Oh and no worries, you can use the online editor in english as well! With thanks to “drukwerk nodig” -Rachel


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