As you may already know I have an Etsy  shop called A kiwi creates, but did you also know I have an website along side it as well? It is the place where I keep you updated on things going on in my Etsy shop.

The reason I started my jewellery line A Kiwi Creates is actually due to my work. I have learned so many techniques over the past few years on how to make all kinds of jewellery, that I wanted to make my own line. So I actually began with making all different kinds of jewellery with different kind beads and materials and things. But I guess it wasn’t really ‘me’ but you have to start somewhere.

Then I thought about my roots, New Zealand. And the material I love most is Paua shell (because of the patterns and beautiful colors), and A kiwi creates was born. The name comes from of course the kiwi. But if you didn’t already know they call ‘white’ people who are born in New Zealand (like me) kiwi’s. And my shop is run only by me (and sometimes help from my husband) So hence the name A kiwi creates. 

Things created by me, a kiwi!

Slowly but surely I will add more to my shop, not only jewellery but also cards, decor items and other things. All based around New Zealand of course. So I peeked your interest, why not go have a look 

Cheers, Rachel


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