In collaboration with “” I was aloud to test their services! So I went on ahead and checked out there website to see what kinds of options they have to print photo’s on.

Such a huge variety of materials to be printed on from cardboard to cork and even tiles! I chose for cork because I love the material. It’s a natural product from Portugal and it actually comes from a tree, they scrape it off and after some time it grows back. Mother nature friendly!

I have a cork board in my Studio already on a cupboard of mine, so I thought it would be the perfect way to bring more cork into my workspace. The Interior stylist in me just screams it out!

‘Foto Fabriek’  in english it actually means Photo Factory!

They have a handy online editor which means you do not have to download a thing and can work on your project straight away. Handy because you save space on your computer! Choose the format that you would like, for example 30×20 and you’ll get into the editor.

The layout of the editor is very simple which means easy usage! Of th left you see all of the options. You can add or leave anything you want to on your very own designed canvas or in this case, cork board. Hesitant about the layout? Or how it will look in the end? No worries, Photo Factory will send you a digital example of your product via e-mail.

I chose for a photo I made which I think suits me and my creativity or in other words my website. I left some space clear on the upper side of the cork board to leave a gap free for my post-its and to show off that lovely material. When you have placed your order you can choose from a variety of things. For example: hanging system, wrapping services or what kind of base you would like. I chose for no base since I wanted that cork to shine through. If you chose a white base, that would mean that you don’t see the cork board and everything that is white in your picture will truly be white!


The back of the cork board has a sticky layer on it, so you can stick it directly on the surface of choice. I chose to stick it on some cardboard, that way I can use it where ever I want it. I just stuck a paper hook on the cardboard and tadaaa!

The board itself is 5 mm thick and has a fine structure. It is a bit strange seeing a photo printed on a different material then just your old school canvas! Of couse if you do choose that white base then the photo will be very clear, now the photo is shown very subtle. You can see the structure of the cork very well instead of the structure from the wooden floor on the photo, this gives a subtle look and the photo does not jump at you straight away. Which I think is a good thing.

Tip: Choose a photo with a lot of clear space or just a simpel foto of (for example) rocks or water. Perfect for a bulletin bord with lot’s of post-its!

I am very happy with the results, it is now hanging up near my desk in it’s full glory, which means I can see my notes very easily and of course keep track of them!

Would you like to print a cork board as well? Then head on to to:

(The website is in Dutch though)

With many thanks to for letting me try out there services. It is a great add on for my creative studio!

Stay Creative, xx Rachel.