Ever since I’m married and Mellanie styled my hair for my wedding, I’ve never had to look for another hairdresser since. You may know the old place where salon 0118 used to be in the beddewijkstraat, if you do then you may also remember that they had a wall full of different magazine clippings. Of course this was collected over the years.

Now I’ve been going there for three years now and every time I walk out the door with a lovely new haircut! Of course I heard that they we’re going to move the salon to a different location and I thought it would be a waist if they did not bring anything to remember the old place. So I suggested to make some artwork for the new salon to come, using the magazine clippings from the wall. Mellanie loved the idea and so I got busy making artwork! And this is how it turned out.




The different pieces of artwork are now presented in the new salon 0118, Domburgsschuitvlot in Middelburg. Mellanie actually wants to take the largest painting and hang it in her living room! That is a huge compliment for me, an artwork she likes so much that she wants to hang it in her living area. But how to convince her colleagues? Will they even let her take the painting home? I guess we’ll find out!



Looking for artwork? I make custom art pieces designed to go hand in hand with your company or household. Just contact me via rachschat@hotmail.com




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