Workshop weekend @ L’auarts in Emmer-Compascuum

Have you ever heard of a Workshop Weekend? Well, I because I thought of it myself I wondered if It even existed in The Netherlands. So I searched on Google (which is what it’s meant for) and Bingo, I found it!

In Emmer-Copascuum, where? just look on Google maps! 😉

What is a Workshop Weekend exactly? A weekend full of workshops. I think it can’t get any clearer then that! Anyhow I decided to go along and book a little vacation for me and my mem.

When we got there I still had no clue how this weekend would turn out, but we where welcomed by the owner of L’auarts, Sylvia. She showed us our rooms and we could settle in from the long trip we just had.

Afterwards we got started on a workshop, 3 layer painting. Sylvia gave this workshop herself and came up with this technique. Actually you can decide to work on this painting how long you want to or add how many layers you like. It was definitely a lot of fun to do and of course to work with multiple layers. A unique way of painting!

I can recommend this to anyone, creative or not. Because really anyone can do it!


Digital Scrapbooking was the other workshop we dit in this weekend, given by Jeanine. This workshop required some knowledge of Photoshop. But for me, no problem there. My mem on the other hand, wasn’t really prepared for that but she got to download a fun photo app and could play along. Jeanine explained the workshop very well and gave a lot of inspiration and tools to work with, more then enough as a matter of fact! Digital Scrapbooking is a lot like a layered painting but then digital. It’s really fun to play around with different layers and see what kind of effect something can do, every time you get surprised by the results! 

It may seem like we didn’t do much workshops in one weekend, but trust me it was definitely enough. Including the breakfast, lunch and three course dinner, you have your hands full really! And if you need to take your time, want to walk, not feeling well or if there’s anything at all.. Then you can take your space/time whenever you need it. So if your interested in such a workshop weekend then I recommend taking a look on

💜 Rach

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