Letters are everywhere;

Everywhere you look these days you find words or letters, for example the famous ‘I amsterdam’ or ‘LOVE’. Not only in today’s art, but also in an interior.

There are many ways to incorporate letters or words in your own interior these days. Just think about any particular way, it exists. I’m pretty sure of that. For example a wall sticker with a lovely quote. A Big steel letter as an eye catcher. A beautiful card or phrase that is framed can do wonders for your interior as well. It makes a room or space more personal, it says something about someones personality. Take the word ‘sweet’. Maybe you have a sweet tooth or your just very sweet, or maybe even both!

Personally I have a lot of letters in my household. Like this big R&R, which was a piece that my husband and I made for our wedding day. It’s hanging in the living room and I must say it comes with a lot of ambiance in the room, if I may say so myself! If you have a close look around you can find many words around the house, and I mean that in a positive way! A card from grandma with a lovely quote, the word ‘Letters’ on a mailbox, or that cute garland in your kids bedroom.

Letters or words always fit in with every interior style there is out there! We chose for these huge neutral toned letters because they can fit in every scene. At our wedding venue but also in our own home. And of course it’s a nice momentum to our wedding day. 26Deco also has a very special way to brings letters in an interior. Photo’s from your everyday life that are letters. And you can chose your own words and design choices! Ideal for a specific interior style. If you would like your style shown in your letter art as well, they make that possible!

There are so many workshops you can do to make some letter art these days. Hand Lettering is one of them, I also come across the workshop “make your own chalkboard” a lot! And let’s not forget about how many accessories there are to personalise with letters or quotes. We all know about the ‘lightbox’ with black letters. You can see it everywhere on instagram, everybody has at least seen it once! But why? Why do we like words and quotes so much?

Personally I think that everyone has something to tell about themselves, the letters R&R for example stand for Rachel and René. Me and my husband. These letters reflect that we’re together and that goes back to our wedding. A whole story, a history.
And like our R&R, ‘I amsterdam’ has of course a whole history behind it as well.
Everybody has a story and everyone can tell it with letters or words. It makes a space speak for itself. And who doesn’t want a space that reflects themselves? Personal? Who has not got a story to tell?

On a different note, times are always changing. Online shopping is getting more popular and little companies are popping up like toadstools. And heck I’m very enthusiastic about this era. I’m curious towards how the future will develop, one thing is for certain. We are going forward!

Why don’t you check out your home and find out how many letters or words you can find? Maybe nothing? Then of course you can go ahead and frame your story by making some letter art yourself , by attending a workshop or ordering something via Internet. Make your space personal by telling your story like I have done as well!

Go get Creative – Rachel