In collaboration with Saal digital I was aloud to test their services. And I must say they do not disappoint!

Saal digital is a photo service that can provide you with products with your own personal photo’s. Which is perfect for a graphic designer just like myself. They are a German company but provide for Europe. There assortment goes from cards, wall decoration and more.

First thing that you must take care of is of course photo’s that are sharp and clear. But for this lovely wall print I actually used a photo from my iPhone SE  and I cannot believe how good it came out!  You can actually see very detail from the crack in the wall to the expression on my face. I chose this artsy fartsy looking photo with me in it, because It has different structures and colours. When you look closely at the printed photo it’s definitely as realistic as can be. I chose for the Alu-Dibond which Saal Digital says your photo appears very sharp and is very stable. Which I couldn’t agree more on! I love a high quality sharp looking photo and here it is!

I also chose to test out a few more products of Saal digital: a spiral photo album and cards!

At first I collected everything I wanted for the album, as I want it to act like a mini portfolio on the road. I chose for the size 13×18 cm which is a nice size for taking it with you everywhere you wish to and also big enough for the work you might want to show. So with that done I started with using the Saal digital App which is very easy to use, you get the hang of it in no time! Ordering which photo would go first, making it flow so it’s easy on the eye. And I must say what you see on the screen at home, is what you get delivered  as printed matter at home. So if you deliver good quality photo’s you get them just as you made them!

Last but not least is the cards, I chose for a Classic double sided single card. I had a design ready to go and it was just a question of drag and click. The card is very soft and the design came out just as I put it in the app. Nothing to complain about, it’s just perfect!

Thank you to Saal Digital for letting me try out there products, I will surely enjoy them!

Cheers from Rachel