What do I do? I am a designer. I  create an “persona”  through my work.
I take notice to make sure that every product has a Concept. Which message would you like to come across to the people? What do you stand for? This way I create a goal for you which aim to achieve. I bring my eye for detail to the tabel, to create a professional look. And this way make it pleasurable for the eye.
In the end It’s all about COLOR, DETAIL and COMPOSITION.
All of this has it’s place in every product, If it’s Art, Graphic Design or Interior design. By using mixed media there always will be a unique product in the end. There is a lot of creativity to go round! And when it comes down to Design there are a lot of possibilities. 
rachelschat.nl is a business venture. If you have any interest in the following services mentioned above or if you would like an open ended conversation.
Please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Schat.