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For the eye of the beholder Color has a very important role, to any product. Especially when it’s a personal piece, it’s what catches the eye. Or makes something very pleasurable to look at. Did you know that we, as


 Graphic design has been a huge influence in my life, it changes how you perceive the world.  Sometimes it’s all in the details. Every nook and cranny. From A to Z.  Every millimetre is looked at closely. It’s just needed.


Composition, where to place this? If there is no balance in a product it must look like shit. Just saying! In interior design or anything really. It can make or break something. There is just no doubt about it. Too much or


About me

“Rachel Schat is the name,  Creativity is the game” Hello my name is Rachel. I’m the person behind this website, this is the place where I put all my creative outbursts! Born in New Zealand and emigrated to The Netherlands

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What do I do? I am a designer. I  create an “persona”  through my work. I take notice to make sure that every product has a Concept. Which message would you like to come across to the people? What do

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