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For the eye of the beholder I was a little kid when I first started painting, nowadays I still paint. Here is a small collection of my paintings. Schilderen doe ik al vanaf jongs af aan. Hier is een kleine collectie

Graphic Design

Graphic design has been a huge influence in my life.   When I had to choose which study I would take, I immediately knew I wanted to go into this root. I always looked at billboards and nowadays I still


All kinds               Being creative, that is my thing! These are various projects which I have made. Anything from making a little side table or origami. It can be anything! Creatief bezig zijn, dat is mijn ding! Dit



“Rachel Schat is the name,  Creativity is the game” Welcome to my Creative Database! My name is Rachel! This is where I put all my creative outbursts! And keep you updated about them. (ofcourse!) Since I have studied in Graphic

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 I am glad to be of assistance! What do I do? I am a Graphic Designer. I can create a “persona” for a Company. If it may be a Logo, Illustration, a Flyer or other Printed matter. When it comes

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